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Esther Mahlangu



Admission requirements for students wishing to enroll for one of the following degrees in Architecture:


(Code: MPAR18) 2 years (min) full time


(Code: MAAT18) 2 years (min) full time


The TUT Department of Architecture educates professional architects and senior architectural technologists. All the courses presented at the department are accredited nationally by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and internationally validated through the Canberra Accord.

Degree specialisation

Specialisation takes place during the master’s degree studies. There are two options available, namely Architectural Design or Architectural Technology. The design option allows eventual registration as a Professional Architect with SACAP.

With the technology option, the SACAP registration category remains unchanged as Senior Architectural Technologist, but the student will specialise in a specific area. This opens different possible fields with students becoming architectural office managers, architectural project managers, architectural communications media specialists, architectural IT specialists, green building specialists, BIM specialist, specialist in green technologies etc.

Intake for the qualification:

January only.

Selection requirements and process

1. The following students have to attend the selection interviews:

  • All TUT students with an average for all the subjects below 60%.
  • All TUT students with a grade below 60% for the subjects listed below.
  • All TUT students with a grade of 55% or lower for any of the other 4th year subjects not listed below.
  • All TUT students who interrupted their studies from undergraduate- to postgraduate level.
  • All students from universities other than TUT.
  • Architecture (Design)Architecture (Technology)
    1. Architectural Design IV 1. Contract Documentation IV
    2. Theory of Design IV 2. Construction Methods IV
    3. Construction Materials IV3. Construction Materials IV
    4. Construction Methods IV
    5. Principles of Urban Design IV

    2. TUT student who interrupted their 2-year Master’s degree studies have to attend the selection interviews. Admission to the second year will be subject to approval of a research topic by the Departmental Research and Innovation Committee (A_DRIC) and other relevant Faculty committees.

    3. The interviews will take place at the Architecture Department, Building 11 of the TUT Pretoria West campus (accessible from Staatsartillerie Road).

    4. The interview will last between 15-30 minutes. The exact time slot will be communicated at a later stage. For students not able to attend the interviews in person, Skype interviews could be arranged. (Please inform the Department timeously should you require this option).

    5. The selection interviews take place in the December preceding the academic year for which the candidate is applying for.

    6. A hardcopy of the following documentation has to be submitted at the reception desk of the Architecture Department (Building 11) at least a week before the scheduled interview:

  • Cover letter (clearly indicating the category under which the application is made and the degree for which the candidate is applying).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Full official academic transcripts of undergraduate results
  • An admission essay of maximum 2500 words, using 12pt Times New Roman text at 1.15 spacing. The essay serves as a statement of purpose introducing yourself, explaining your educational, training, and career goals.
  • A portfolio of maximum 15 x A3 pages, or 30 x A4 pages, addressing the following aspects:
  • – Undergraduate and/or post-graduate Design
    – Undergraduate and/or post-graduate Theory
    – Undergraduate and/or post-graduate Construction
    – Practice work

    7. Students will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection within a 10 working days of the interview selection process.

    8. The University reserves the right to select the best candidates for this programme. The decision and/or recommendation of the selection panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    9. An information session is scheduled for ALL the selected post-graduate students in January of the academic year.

    10. Please contact the department for information pertaining to the assessment. Information pertaining to the assessment is available on the department’s website: https://tutarchitecture.co.za/.

    email: labuschagnemm@tut.ac.za
    tel: +27 12 382 5252
    Staatsartillerie Road, Pretoria West, Building 11