The Department highly values its democratic structure, placing a significant emphasis on student involvement in the department’s administration, a key element in our overall success. In this regard, each class group elects a class representative.The class representative serves as the primary liaison between the class and the lecturers for all matters. In the event that a student has a concern or complaint, the first step is to engage with the class representative, who will then convey the issue to the lecturer. Additionally, when it comes to organizational aspects such as test arrangements, excursions, extra classes, or class cancellations, the lecturer communicates through the class representative. A list of class representatives for each group is made available on the department’s notice board. This role is voluntary and comes without financial compensation but is greatly valued by both the department and the student body.

Moreover, the Department is supported by an active student council, known as the Architecture and Industrial Design Representative Council (AIRC). Every student is automatically a member of this council. The Architecture and Industrial Design Representative Council (AIRC) is a democratically elected body responsible for representing students at departmental meetings. Each year group elects its representative to the AIRC, along with other portfolio holders chosen through a confidential online voting process. For a detailed understanding of the constitution of the AIRC, please refer to a separate document outlining its structure and functions.

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