This is a yearly event at TUT Architecture. Termed Archifashion, the design assignment is based on a precedent study and its subsequent interpretation in a different medium. It investigates the alternating scale between human and object. First year architecture students have to design a contemporary garment based on a precedent selected from a curated list of iconic buildings. As part of the Archifashion project requirements, the original design intent, principles and style of the chosen building should be communicated clearly by the student in the final garment. The effectiveness of this translation from building to clothing is tested when the design is worn at a gala event. The premise of this design assignment lies in the shared territories between fashion and architecture. These mutual characteristics are often employed as design principles. To design the garment, the students are required to study the architectural form and translate it using scale and elements of the fashion industry. ‘Tribal tribute’ was the theme for this year’s Archifashion project which aimed to exhibit the exceptionally diverse culture, customs and architecture of the greatest tribes of Africa.