In October 2018, Prof Amira Osman of the Architecture Department, TUT, was appointed as the New Joint Commission Coordinator of CIB W104 – Open Building Implementation.

The objective of this Open Building network relates to a number of different ideas about the making of environment, and focuses on:

• distinct Levels of Intervention in the built environment, such as those represented by urban design and architecture;
• users / inhabitants actively participating in design decision making as well as professionals;
• design as a process with multiple participants also including different kinds of professionals;
• the interface between technical systems allows the replacement of one system with another performing the same function with minimal disruption

CIB W104 seeks to formulate theories about the built environment and to develop methods of design and building construction that are compatible with these concepts.

The Commission therefore aims:
• to increase awareness of the principles of Open Building among professionals who shape the built environment, and among the people who live in that built environment.
• to support initiatives at national, regional and local levels that improve the efficacy of building construction and facility adaptation following Open Building methods.
• to be a platform for research and information dissemination among professionals committed to improving Open Building practices and methods.
On her appointment, Amira says:
I am delighted to be appointed as Joint Coordinator of CIB W104. I intend to encourage more involvement from Africa as well as other parts of the globe and to find a way to bring more voices and more people into the network and to establish more presence in the global south, expanding the current membership.
I plan towards collaborations to launch intercontinental conversations on Open Building, better articulating the benefits of an Open Building approach in diverse contexts.
I look forward to working with my joint coordinators and everyone in the network.