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The Department of Architecture at TUT educates professional architects and senior architectural technologists. The study of architecture involves an exploration of the diverse disciplines that form part of the built environment. If you appreciate the value of technology and are inspired by great designs and buildings, then architecture may well be your field of study. Architecture is one of the most diversified and stimulating careers.

Architecture falls in the realm of creativity. As a discipline, it has its roots in both the arts and science. It demands love for precision, geometry and order, as well as a passion for mystery, wonder and the unknown. An architectural office is an informal and colourful environment. Projects are usually a team effort involving everybody in the office, as well as many other people, such as clients, consultants and contractors. With lecturers who are experts in architecture, we commit to providing students with the best experience in architectural education and life skills in general.


At the Department of Architecture at TUT, there are two mainstream courses: Bachelors of Architecture (Professional) and Bachelors of Architecture (Technology). For the first three academic years, the two courses follow the same academic program, where after the student will have a choice to either pursue the professional or the management streams.

The Department of Architecture offers two undergraduate courses in architecture, namely B Tech: Architecture Professional, course code BTPS09, and B Tech: Architectural Technology, course code BTAQ95. The first three years of both courses are identical, thereafter students follow a different curriculum.

2019 Degree Structure

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The TUT Department of Architecture has its origins in 1970. Forming part of the then College for Advanced Technical Education, it was located in the Pretoria CBD with a cohort of approximately 30 students. Following the merger of three former Technikons (Technikon Northern Gauteng, Technikon North-West and Technikon Pretoria) the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)came into being in 2004. During the merger, the respective departments training draughtspersons, technologists and architects were consolidated into the current Department of Architecture at the Tshwane University.

The School of Architecture at TUT currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in architectural design and architectural technology to approximately 350 full-time students. Students are prepared for professional registration as Senior Architectural Technologists and Professional Architects with the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP). TUT is the only University of Technology in South Africa offering a professional Master’s degree in architectural design allowing successful candidates to register as candidates for Professional Architect (PrArch) registration with SACAP. The doctoral programme (DArch) was launched in 2019, further distinguishing the TUT Architecture Department.

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